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Moms are one of the most skilled chefs we know, yet their talents are often hidden within the four walls of their homes. If they do want to improve their cooking skills, the risk of investing a lot of time, energy, space, and finances prevents them from doing so. Momade saves the day by recognising and rewarding them for their latent talents and giving them the opportunity to furnish their skills. Momade pairs creative home cooks with students, professionals, and anyone searching for healthy, tasty, and affordable lunch alternatives delivered to their doorstep.

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We are dedicated to providing you with the healthiest cuisine options for your mind and heart. We offer one-of-a-kind meals prepared by one-of-a-kind moms who exuberantly rule their kitchens. Every single mom is unique, living and flourishing on their own . We at Momade are dead set on assisting them in reclaiming their power and honoring their talents.


Mission & Vision

Momade strives to be more than a tiffin service, bringing not only food but also affection and warmth to its customers. It strives to make everyone feel loved and at home.


Momade’s aim is to enable homemakers to establish an independent and rewarding life for themselves by nurturing their culinary abilities, as well as to provide comfort, warmth, and nourishment to people seeking accessible, tasty, and homey tiffin services.

We at momade wish to facilitate mothers with instruments and opportunities and help them reach their magnum opus. Build a path for them that will allow them to not only be gentle and devoting but also assiduous and resilient.


The company’s vision extends beyond meal delivery and encircles women’s empowerment, access to nutritious and inexpensive food, and the creation of an engaged and supportive community. Where mothers are recognized as something more than just homemakers.

Momade wants to take a step towards a world where mothers are viewed as inspirational role models who embody change through tenacity. Where they are acknowledged and applauded for their relentless hard work and talent.



If it weren't for our team, Momade would not be here. They made it possible for Momade to be a platform for sharing love and presenting opportunities to those desiring them.


Jashank is Marketing Superheroe. They embark Momade’s name on every wall and stone. Create a path for it to thrive on and flourish. They raise its voice far and wide, they make it possible for us to reach you. To cook your delicious meal and bring it to your doorstep.

Sujay and Bala are the Operation Runners. The heads that brought Momade to life. They manage and build everything that Momade was and is. They curated all the pillars that momade stands on. The foundation that made it all possible, for us to connect to you and fill your hearts.

Aashish is our Tech Head. With numbers and codes, he makes all of this accessible for you and us. The smooth run of your meals from a click to your hands, is all possible because of him.Our magician right out the screen.

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The marketing team, operation runners, technical team, and other members play a notable role in the process. Our team won the award for the concept of Momade. We aspire to be more than a tiffin service and provide the warmth of mother with our homecooked food. Its corresponding article was published in the newspaper.

Momade has achieved many milestones, but it wouldn’t be possible without our architects. Our food has been loved by many, and that recognition is our substantial achievement. Whole as a team, we created a path to your hearts with homemade food.

The hardworking members professionally manage the pleasant cuisines we serve you. We empower ambitious moms to join us to provide healthy food made with love. Our team shares the vision for Momade’s future. Together we are working to build Momade as the mightiest and the nutritious option in the meal industry.

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